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in Satellite Earth Station Antenna Maintenance and Restoration

Elevate specializes in comprehensive maintenance and restoration services for satellite earth station antennas, serving as a leading industry provider. As satellite communication systems rely on advanced technology and demand the expertise of skilled technicians, the proper care and maintenance of these systems is crucial to ensure uninterrupted signal traffic and the highest quality transmission and reception signals. In addition, we offer specialized industrial coatings designed to prevent corrosion, mitigate heat, and extend the life of the protected surface. With our highly trained and experienced field technicians, our team brings unparalleled professionalism and expertise to the industry. Trust in us to provide your equipment with the attention and quality workmanship it deserves.

Elevate Antenna Restoration

Our Maintenance Packages Include

Antenna Maintenance

  • Inspection of conduit, waveguides, and jackboots. (Replacement as needed)
  • LNB replacement – (If required)
  • Greasing of all pivot points, elevation and azimuth gear systems.
  • Feed window inspection. (Replacement as needed)
  • Reflector seam tape application – (Where applicable)
  • Corrosion treatment
  • Inspection of limiter switches

Antenna Pressure Washing 

  • Reflector – de-ice plenum (Where applicable)
  • Sub-reflector
  • Sub-reflector struts
  • Hub & feed
  • Pedestal
  • Motors
  • PDU
  • Ladders
  • Work platform
  • HVAC units & ducting – (Where applicable)

Elevate Antenna Coatings

  • All coated surfaces receive our DTM (direct-to-metal) bonding primer.
  • Reflector -sub-reflector – sub-reflector struts – feed, receive our heat diffusive, direct-to-metal (DTM) satin finish.
  • Hub – pedestal – motors – PDU – ladders – work platform, all receive our direct-to-metal (DTM) heat diffusive, gloss finish.


Safety and Operation of

Heavy Equipment

We place a top priority on safety, which is why all of our field technicians are certified and possess extensive experience operating heavy equipment in various configurations, including both large and small aperture antenna systems. Safety inspections are conducted at the beginning and end of each day and meticulously recorded in our safety log. Any irregularities discovered are promptly identified and resolved to ensure the utmost safety and security of our team and clients.

Personal Safety Equipment

In order to ensure the safety of our field technicians while operating man-lifts, we require them to wear harnesses and lanyards, in addition to receiving extensive training in lockout procedures, fall prevention, and hazard awareness. Once inside the antenna, safety lines are secured to both the sub-reflector support struts and the lift bucket, and any deviation from these established safety protocols is strictly prohibited. Our top priority is the creation of a secure and risk-free environment for all personnel and field technicians.

Elevating The Industry

At Elevate Antenna Solutions, we attribute our success to a deliberate commitment to the pursuit of excellence. This determination serves as the bedrock of our company and is integrated into every aspect of our work. With this culture ingrained in our team, we promise every client our unwavering dedication and the absolute best effort on every project. Our goal is to take your project to new heights and deliver the exceptional results you deserve.

Co-Founder - Dave Dungan